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      Sun Bai, chairman of CMEC Group, attended the China-Asia Expo

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      The China-Arab Expo 2017 was held in Yinchuan, Ningxia on September 6 to 9, and the purpose of this expo is "to inherit friendship, deepen cooperation and seek common development".

      With the theme of "pragmatism, innovation, linkage and win-win", this Expo closely follows the "Belt and Road Initiative" and focuses on the exchange and cooperation of "commerce and trade, science and technology and commerce" and extensively attracts countries along the Belt and the Road, including the Arab countries And regional participants.

      On September 5, CMEC Chairman Sun Bai was invited to attend the opening ceremony of China-Albania Expo in Yinchuan, Ningxia, with the first complete set of business units, the Middle East regional companies, Wuxi Middle East Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., China Construction Machinery and Machine Reconnaissance Institute, and Ningxia Chairman Xian Hui of the Hui Autonomous Region met and attended a series of activities of the China-Arab Exposition such as the 7th Entrepreneur Conference of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum, the 5th Investment Symposium, the Arab Countries Business Summit of China, the International Capacity Cooperation Forum and the Overseas Investment Promotion Symposium. Yinchuan Company is responsible for the reception work of Chairman Sun Bai and his entourage during the silver period and is responsible for organizing and contacting the various fraternal units during the Ning period.

      On September 6, the 3rd China-Arab States Expo opened in Ningxia. Chairman Sun Bai was invited to attend the opening ceremony and came to the booth of CMEC to exchange views with government and business people.

      The picture shows Zhang Ping, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Shi Taifeng, party secretary of Ningxia Autonomous Region, Xian Hui, chairman of Ningxia Autonomous Region, Qian Keming, vice minister of Commerce, and Jiang Zengwei, chairman of CCPIT together to the CMEC booth. Yinchuan General Manager Huang Yuequan briefed Vice Chairman Zhang Ping on the CMEC booth located in the infrastructure capacity exhibition area and the general situation of cooperation with Ningxia Autonomous Region. The project focused on the project of CMEC Silk Road International Cooperation Park in Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Area invested by CMEC. The CMEC Middle East Regional center, Wuxi company WTO, engineering machinery and other business.

      Vice Governor of Ningxia Autonomous Region Jiang Zhigang, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Wang Heshan, President of China Engineering Contractors Fang Qiuchen, Alpha Cond, President of the Republic of Guinea, Mohamed Halish, First Deputy Chief Executive of the Republic of Afghanistan, Egyptian President, Egyptian Trade Minister of Labor and Industry, Arab League Secretary-General Kamala Babbage and other visited the CMEC booth.

      From September 6 to September 7, Chairman Sun Bai took part in the China-Arab Business Summit and the China-Arab Cooperation Forum's 7th Entrepreneurs' Summit under the theme of "Innovative Cooperation and Promoting Joint Development", and on September 7, the international capacity Cooperation Forum and overseas investment promotion talks on the theme of the dialogue.

      On September 8, Zhang Chaochao, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC autonomous region and vice chairman of the autonomous region, met with Chairman Sun Bai and his entourage at the Yinchuan International Exchange Center. On behalf of the autonomous regional party committees and governments, Zhang Chaohao expressed his welcome to the chairman and his party for their visit. He thanked CMEC for being able to invest in Ningxia and for CMEC to continue providing support and assistance to Ningxia, an important node of the Belt and Road Initiative, and to increase investment in minority areas He also said that he will, as always, support CMEC in investing in Ningxia to give optimal business environment and policy support.

      Sun Bai, chairman of the board, said that CMEC will give full play to its own advantages and closely integrate the development needs of Ningxia's export-oriented economy so as to make positive contributions to the economic and social development in the region.

      On September 8, Sun Bai, chairman of CMEC, visited Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Accompanied by Ma Xuexia, deputy director of comprehensive protection zone management committee and Tian Zi'an, deputy director, Sun Bai and his entourage came successively to Zhonghe Ao Gold Industrial Park, Ruyi Ecological Textile Industrial Park, CMEC Yinchuan International Fur Distribution Center operation and management of warehouse visits, and finally Chairman Sun Park came to the construction of the CMEC Silk Road International Cooperation Park project site inspection and guidance of work, Sun The chairman listened to the introduction of the project team and the responsible person of the relevant construction unit. The chairman of the board expressed his satisfaction with the project construction and encouraged all the participants to redouble their efforts to complete the construction work on schedule according to quality and quantity. Before leaving the project site, Sun and his entourage also took photos with some project managers and representatives of participating units.

      After the site visit, Chairman Sun Park came to the meeting room of the Comprehensive Insurance Zone Management Committee and discussed with the leaders of the comprehensive protection zone and the employees of Yinchuan Company. Chairman Sun expressed his gratitude to CSRC for supporting the Silk Road International Cooperation Park project and Yinchuan Company's business over a year ago and said the parent company will, as always, fully support CMEC's investment and development in Yinchuan. Meanwhile, Chairman Sun hopes Yinchuan Company would like to emancipate the mind, innovate and make good use of various resources and policies provided by the head office and local government, and go all out to promote CMEC's business in Ningxia.

      During the forum, Chairman Sun Bai also attended the meeting of secretary of Shi Tai-feng, Chairman Xi Xianhui of the Ningxia Autonomous Region and the leaders of the 500 top central enterprises attending the meeting; and also conducted in-depth exchanges with Bai Shangcheng, Mayor of the Ningxia Autonomous Region and Mayor of Baicheng City, Yinchuan City. In addition, Chang met with Yahya Syed Al-Jabiri, Chairman of Oman Industrial Park, for an exchange of views on the cooperation between CMEC and the Industrial Park.

      Encouraged by Chairman Sun Bai Yinchuan General Manager Huang Yuequan held a meeting with Guinea's President Alpha Conde. Middle East regional vice president Ma Chi, respectively, with the Jordanian Ministry of Transport, the Moroccan Railway Bureau, the Egyptian Railway Bureau and other relevant countries and regions Group responsible for the talks and exchanges.

      Zhang Peng, General Manager of CMEC General Department, Huang Yuequan, General Manager of Yinchuan Company, Zhang Li, General Manager of Exhibition Company, Xu Hong, General Manager of Wuxi Office of China Construction Week, Zhang Jianshan, Vice General Manager of Jinkan Institute, Ma Chi, deputy general manager of the Middle East regional companies, Cao Yu, deputy general manager of China Construction Machinery Company, and Wang Zhe, general manager assistant of Yinchuan Company.

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